In the automobile manufacturing process speed and quality are crucial. The efficient cleaning of assembly components plays a big role. The advanced laser technology of Netalux allows to solve many issues that occur with traditional methods. In this article you’ll learn about the benefits of laser cleaning in the automotive industry.

Laser technology guarantees the efficient cleaning of parts and surfaces of all sizes and complexities. And the preparation of products for welding, painting or gluing. Netalux has a profound expertise in just about every sector. From the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical sector to aviation and food industries: the applications are spectacularly diverse. But also automotive has much to gain with laser cleaning.

“The battery of an electric car is mostly located at the bottom of the car. It’s surrounded by strong sheet metal in which the batteries are glued”, opens Thijs Peeters, R&D Manager Netalux. “For safety reasons, it’s very important that these batteries do not come loose, even in the event of an accident. To ensure that the glue adheres properly, the metal must be 100% clean. And our lasers take care of that.”

100% removal at 70 cm2 per second

When automobile components are built, they often hold some contamination (for instance oil residues). These affect the quality of joining, bonding or gluing the components in subsequent work. Therefore, the joint surface must be thoroughly cleaned. With laser cleaning the surface is freed from every contamination.

“We use our Jango for this type of challenge. The top hat shaped pulse enables incredible surface speeds (more than 70 cm2 sheet steel per second) while avoiding substrate damage. The internal water cooling ensures a wide range of operational temperatures while the integrated air-knife keeps dust from settling on the optical components”, explains Thijs.

Highest quality 24/7

Traditional cleaning methods, for instance chemical treatments or sandblasting, are very time-consuming, do not guarantee stable quality and often have harmful effects on the environment. “With laser cleaning the highest quality is always insured. And this 24/7. Our lasers are especially designed for continuous production. Moreover, they are easily integrated into every production line, partially or fully automated with robots. Lastly, the operational cost is significantly cheaper than most other cleaning methods”, adds Thijs.

Not a black box

With Netalux lasers, you’re not buying a black box. The plug & play setup is quick and easy. Every parameter is adjustable. “In addition to our extremely robust hardware and software, we offer superior customer support. Remote maintenance or check-ups are even possible. In our Netalux Academy, we train operators and executives. And with our customized service contracts, we guarantee the highest ROI”, says Thijs Peeters.

Laser cleaning of battery modules

Stainless steel, aluminum or copper, as well as plastics, wood and even battery modules: no challenge is too big for Netalux. Laser cleaning can also be used to clean busbars and poles of battery modules for electric vehicles. Before welding every pole and busbar should be 100% clean. The smallest inconsistency can lead to massive recalls.

“We fall back on years of expertise in laser cleaning assignments. We use this extensive practical knowledge to design, build and optimize our machines. Our unique, functional designs have already earned several Red Dot Design Awards. We’re fully ready to take on every challenge in the automotive industry “, concludes Thijs Peeters, R&D Manager Netalux.