In the meticulous world of laser cleaning, achieving impeccable results is an art in itself. The key? Masterful control of the distance between the lens and the surface to be cleaned. When the laser hits its target with surgical precision, dirt is effortlessly removed. However, even a small misstep in this delicate dance can reduce cleaning power or, worse, damage the surface. This is a challenge recognized by both novices and veterans in the industry.

In response to common challenges in laser cleaning, Netalux introduces a revolutionary solution: the advanced distance sensor. This technology establishes a clear and consistent working window, guiding operators to maintain the ideal distance to the cleaning surface. The sensor delivers real-time feedback, alerting the operator if they are too close or too far from the surface. This feedback ensures operators consistently stay within the optimal range for effective cleaning. By providing this essential guidance, the sensor fosters a stable and precise work environment, enabling operators to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately within a defined area, resulting in smooth and flawless cleaning operations.

Unique features that make a difference

Our distance sensor comes with functionalities designed to optimize every aspect of laser cleaning:

  • Direct Integration: Seamlessly connected to your laser head, this feature ensures a kickstart at the perfect distance.
  • Reflection Protection: Our sensor alerts with a vibration if you get too close, protecting you and your equipment.
  • Smart Activation: The sensor only allows laser emission when an object is detected, enhancing work safety.
  • Universal Accessibility: Suitable for users of all experience levels, with advanced features such as smoke detection. This alerts you to turn on the smoke extraction as soon as smoke reaches the lens, allowing you to continue working efficiently.

This breakthrough not only increases precision and safety but also elevates your user experience to a whole new level. A streamlined learning curve and improved operational efficiency minimize the risk of damage and unnecessary costs.

From the words of our expert

Thijs Peeters, R&D Manager at Netalux, speaks highly of this breakthrough: "This technology marks a turning point. Previously, our users relied on guesses and feelings, which especially for beginners posed a significant barrier. Our distance sensor gives them the confidence and control that are essential to quickly reach an expert level, free from the fear of costly mistakes due to laser reflection. We are immensely proud of this progress; it enables efficient work without delay."

Peeters further emphasizes the initial technical challenges: "Integrating the distance sensor was complex. Given that our lasers are equipped with a lens changer, the sensor had to accommodate a wide range of working distances, not just one. This posed significant challenges, both in the choice of the sensor and in the interpretation of the data. Factors such as the shape of the object, the use of extraction tools, and the presence of process smoke did not make it easier for us. But in the end, we succeeded, and we are particularly proud of that."

Discover the future of laser cleaning

This innovation is now standard on all new Netalux machines from software version 3.0. Existing users have not been forgotten; upgrade options are available to bring your equipment to the forefront of precision and safety.Experience the impact of this recent innovation yourself.

For a demonstration or more information, contact us today at or +32 (0)11 66 18 82 and see how our distance sensor can transform your laser cleaning processes.