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Netalux developes a revolutionary range of laser cleaning machines under the names Needle® and Jango®. Depending on the material, pollution and type of laser, the necessary power can range from 100 Watt to 1000 Watt.

Netalux developes a revolutionary range of laser cleaning machines under the names Needle® and Jango®. Depending on the material, pollution and type of laser, the necessary power can range from 100 Watt to 1000 Watt.


500/1000 Watt

The Jango® is the bigger sibling of our Needle®, but is water-cooled instead of air-cooled. The robust lifting points, forklift compatibility and braked wheels provide various transport options.

Moreover, the Jango® is equipped with extra space for storage of accessories, personal protective equipment, etc.

The top hat laser profile is suitable for larger industrial jobs.


200/300 Watt

The Needle® 200 and 300 Watt received their own design. Still very compact and air-cooled, but this model with 5 meters of fiber does not need a transport box.

In addition, unlike the Needle® 100 / 150 Watt, it has a pulse energy of 2mJ. This makes the Needle® 200 / 300 more powerful.

The Needle® 200 / 300 Watt uses a Gaussian laser profile. This makes the laser ideal for small areas.


100/150 Watt

This compact, air-cooled laser cleaning machine is small enough to use in hard-to-reach locations. The limited weight makes it flexible and easy to handle.

Even when the workplace is located in the middle of other installations or atmospheric contamination is a risk, this Needle® is an ideal solution.

The Needle® 100 / 150 Watt uses a Gaussian laser profile ideal for small areas.


All our Needle® and Jango® models are available in a stationary version. Integrated into a production line, fully or partially automated, allows you to clean with extraordinary precision. The software makes it possible to read in CAD drawings or other data of the surface to be cleaned.

We provide a robust system that keeps the optics and electronics safe, even during prolonged and intense use.

coming soon

At Netalux we never stop developing. We continue to innovate and optimize our products. We look at the possibilities in the present and in the future.

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gaussian pulse

very powerful and precise
compact and flexible
A Gaussian laser has the highest intensity at the center of the beam and decreasing intensity towards the edges. This type of laser is often used for precision tasks where the focus is on a small area.
Ideal for
Removing hard layers such as the oxide layer on a new weld.

top hat pulse

lower energy density
water cooled
bigger and stronger
A top hat laser has a more uniform intensity distribution across the entire beam. This beam profile is better suited for larger area cleaning tasks, where a uniform coverage is important.
Ideal for
Larger surfaces such as tank cleaning or coating removal.

mobile vs stationary

Are you talking about hard-to-reach workplaces? Is only an occasional cleaning necessary? Then choose a mobile laser. These compact laser cleaning machines are easy to handle and suitable for the most challenging environments.

When a certain cleaning must be carried out very often or even 24/7, we recommend a stationary solution. This laser cleaning device is very easy to integrate into existing processes, which means that implementation costs are kept to an absolute minimum. The simple interface with MODBUS protocols allows integrators to select the program, clean the part and repeat the cycle indefinitely.

unique features for every laser

Needle® & Jango® are developed in such a way that the operator always has a familiar feeling and only needs to get to know the hardware once.

We know better than anyone that the transport and durability of our machines is also important. They are always hoistable and equipped with the necessary transport options. You can also rest assured that the machines work in the most challenging environments.

a unique, rotable laser head (115° freedom)

integrated LED headlight

integrated controls

arm / disarm button for extra safety and comfort

unique feature of 3 (Jango ®) or 5 (Needle ®) integrated lenses

fully equipped to be lifted

equipped with industrial voltage protection

attachment point for accessories

compare our different laser cleaning machines

Needle 100 / 150 Watt

Needle 200 / 300 Watt

Jango 500 / 1000 Watt

Weight (unit)

≈ 20 kg

≈ 40 kg

≈ 850 kg

Weight (handset)

≈ 2.3 kg

≈ 3 kg

≈ 4 kg

Dimensions l x w x h

333 x 244 x 498 mm

812 x 430 x 431 mm

2117 x 840 x 1470 mm

Fiber length

4.5 m

mobile 5.7 m / stationary 7.5 m

45 m

Laser type

Pulsed fiber laser

Pulsed fiber laser

Pulsed fiber laser

Laser class

Class IV

Class IV

Class IV

Wave length

1064 nm

1064 nm

1064 nm

Pulse type



Top Hat

Pulse length

150 ns

20 ns - 500 ns

100 ns

Pulse frequency

10 - 500 kHz

2 - 4000 kHz

2 - 50 kHz

Maximum pulse energy

1 mJ

2 mJ

100 mJ

Average electric power

450 W / 600 W

950 W / 1,150 W

4.5 kW / 7.5 kW

Electric facility

1P + PE | 110-240V | 50-60Hz | 8A

1P + PE | 110-240V | 50-60Hz | 8A

3P + N + PE | 380-440V | 50-60Hz | 32A






IP 54

IP 54

IP 54

Operational temperature (°C)