Netalux developed a revolutionary range of laser cleaning machines under the names Needle® and Jango®. All lasers can be built mobile or stationary and with different powers. But which laser is the best solution for your challenge? We are here to help you.

Needle® vs Jango®

The pulse shape is crucial in laser cleaning. The Needle® is a ‘Gaussian’ laser where the laser beam is as sharp as a needle. Because all energy is concentrated in that one point, this laser is very powerful, fine and can clean deeper into the material. Ideal for removing hard layers such as the oxide layer on a new weld or flash rust. The Jango® has a ‘Top Hat’ profile. Lower energy density compared to the Needle, flatter and ideal for larger surfaces such as tank cleaning or coating removal.

Another difference is the cooling. Needle® lasers are air-cooled, Jango® lasers are water-cooled. That makes a big difference in volume. The Jango is bigger and heavier, the Needle® compact and flexible.

Mobile vs stationary

Is only an occasional cleaning necessary? Are you talking about hard-to-reach workplaces? Or are there drastic measures needed to combat atmospheric contamination? Then choose a mobile laser. These compact laser cleaning machines are easy to handle and suitable for the most challenging environments.

When a certain cleaning must be carried out very often or even 24/7, we recommend a stationary solution. This laser cleaning device is very easy to integrate into your existing processes, which means that implementation costs are kept to an absolute minimum. The simple interface with MODBUS protocols allows integrators to select the program, clean the part and repeat the cycle indefinitely.


From the automotive, pharmaceutical sector, food industry to production companies. And from stainless steel to aluminum, machine steel, copper, super alloys or even concrete: you can carry out the most diverse assignments with our unique range. Depending on the material, pollution and type of laser, we determine the necessary power (from 100 Watt to 1000 Watt).