1. Environmentally friendly & innovative

Traditional industrial cleaning methods, such as sandblasting or hydroblasting, blow dirt and sometimes harmful substances around. Regularly, they even involve chemicals. These conventional techniques are often logistically burdensome and consume a lot of energy. None of that with innovative laser cleaning. Moreover, Netalux machines consume only a limited amount of power and you are assured of a long service life.

2. Quality & reliability

Spotless without damage. Our laser technology is synonymous with quality and reliability; Rust, paint, coatings, oil or other residues evaporate completely without risk of damaging the underlying base material. For the development and construction of our innovative lasers, moreover, we cooperate exclusively with high-quality and reliable suppliers.

3. Fast & cost-effective

Laser cleaning does not require dismantling devices or hermetically sealing the environment. The plug & play setup is quick and easy. Only power is required. This ensures that production restarts faster and you save costs. An integration into your production line? Full or partial automation? Reading in CAD drawings? It's all possible. Moreover, our mobile lasers are super convenient and flexible to deploy.

4. Safe & ergonomic

Besides being environmentally friendly, laser cleaning is also a people-friendly technology. We always develop with the operator in mind. This means that we not only pay attention to a safe and ergonomic design, but our user interface is the same for all our products. This way, every device feels familiar. By continuously improving the interface, we strive for instinctive operation.

5. Versatile & for every sector

Stainless steel, aluminum, machine steel or copper, as well as plastics and even wood: no challenge is too big for us. We are active in just about every sector. From the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical sectors to the automotive, aviation and food industries: the applications are spectacularly diverse.

6. Practical experience & award winning

Experience is the best teacher. We fall back on years of expertise in laser cleaning assignments. We use this extensive practical experience to design, build and optimize our machines. Our unique, functional designs have already earned several Red Dot Design Awards.

7. Netalux Academy

In addition to extremely robust hardware and software, Netalux offers superior customer support. In our Netalux Academy, we train operators and executives. With our customized service contracts, we guarantee the highest return on your investment.